Python Programming

Want to become a Back-End Developer or a Machine Learning Engineer? Apply to our python programming course today. Available online and onsite.

Course Overview

8 weeks
2 days per week
3 hours per day
Online classes

What you will learn

Basics of Python Programming
Learn the core concepts of programming, including variables, data types, expressions and statements, control structures, and loops.
Built-in Python Data Concepts
Master the use of Python data structures like Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries and Sets which are applicable when working with data.
Developing a Programmer’s Mindset
Understand and use the syntax and development environment of Python Programming Language.
Python Functions
Build problem solving skills by defining the problem and using functions, recursion, and classes to solve the problem in an efficient way.
Validation Concepts
Develop testing and debugging skills and employ proper exception handling mechanism.

Who is it for

Absolute beginner to Programming? Our Python Programming Certification is perfect for you. Over the course of your 8 weeks, you’ll get a hands-on experience of learning basics of Python, data concepts, its core applications and functions.
-Current University Students OR
-Fresh Graduates with UP TO 2 years of work experience OR
-Professionals looking to SWITCH their career into Web Development / Product Development / Data Analytics OR
*Basic knowledge of C / Java / Intro to Programming course preferred but NOT required

Download our program brochure for a more detailed look at our Python Programming Certification curriculum, course outline, educational philosophy, and the support structures we use throughout your training journey and beyond.


Well organized and structured, covering all the necessary skills. The assignment, exams and capstone project really helped give us hands-on practical experience.

Sarah Ameen


Classes are interesting, interactive and very thorough. The course has been designed to accomodate beginners to programming; and ignites an interest in the field making of Data Science.

Khoulah Afzal


As a beginner in Data Science, I would say it's a great course that helps you in understanding concepts and tools used in DS.

Farhan Siddiqui


The lectures, exams, assignments and hands on experience including all the sessions proved to be very helpful to me.

Mahnoor Afridi


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