We have transformed businesses from different industries through data science.

Audit & Accounting industry
How we developed a bespoke two-step automation system to elevate their audit field work processes

Client had varying excel formats from which they manually created standard inputs.

Auditors have to spend long hours to carry out repetitive audit tasks for multiple clients.


Developed an algorithm that cleanses excel files and converts them to the standard input.

Created scripts that perform various audit tests across vital trial balance sections (AP, AR, sales, bank, GL, inventory, etc.)


Great time saving - excel cleansing and 80+ reports in under 30 minutes!

Capabilities to perform new analysis that was not possible before.

Lowered dependency on auditors and easier work transferability.

Higher accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

Retail Industry
How we empowered a SME with data science solutions, allowing them to elevate their business practices to a multinational level

Shortage of shelf - space due to having numerous unique items.

At present, no system of sales targets or forecasts.

Availability of raw data without the capability to carry out investigative analysis.

Stagnant business performance due to aggressive competition in the market


Developed a predictive model to forecast sales for the upcoming year.

Used sales transaction as input to a machine learning algorithm that identifies customer shopping behavior.

Prepared a dashboard illustrating various relationships within the dataset. Through this, shelf - space utilization was investigated (a major paint point for the client).


Optimized use of shelf - space, leading to improved profits.

A plan allowing;

- Physical store's layout to be more effective.

- Create strategic promotional strategies.

- Cost savings and increased brand awareness.

- All resulting in higher sales.

Prepare accurate budgets, effective inventory management, and set sales targets.

Retail Industry
How we lowered the investment risk of a company by providing meaningful and actionable insights

Client required:

- in-depth information about the UAE furniture industry.

- exhaustive analysis of factors impacting the furniture market.

- social listening and keyword analysis to determine perception towards Italian furniture.


Created a market intelligence report that gave a comprehensive understanding of the furniture market in the UAE, as well as its consumers.

Through statistical investigations and predictive modelling, insights were highlighted and forecasts were presented.


Access to valuable information which was sourced from specialist paid databases.

Our extensive analytical report allowed the client to make greatly informed decisions, lowering their risk of a negative impact in the future.

Food & Beverage Industry
How we helped a restaurant chain to optimize their menu and cut down on inventory costs.

Testing out new menu items on a trial and error basis.

High wastage costs due to inefficiencies in inventory management.

Availability of raw data without the capability to carry out investigative analysis.


Developed a machine learning algorithm to identify menu items that are frequently bought together.

Through visualization, interactive dashboards were created providing a basis for investigative analysis.

Identified certain flavors and ingredients that could be used in introducing new menu items.

Created a bespoke system to optimize inventory management.


Opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell certain menu items, increasing the average order value per customer.

Lowered wastage costs and significantly increased revenues.

Healthcare Industry
How we integrated automation to transform business processes for a Forbes featured skincare consultancy

Client had no system in place for tracking customers who have their follow up appointments coming up. This resulted in loss of sales.


Developed an automated tracking process that identifies patients on a daily basis, those who have an upcoming follow up appointment.

The system then automatically sends an email reminded to the identified list of patients.


Our automated system aided the consultancy to keep a track of their follow- ups, which in turn will significantly improve their sales.

Automation allowed more accuracy, consistency, and freed up clients time from doing repetitive administrative tasks.

How we helped Chartered Accounting students and professionals to upskill and transition into the data science domain

Job roles of accountants are witnessing a change, making it vital for them to embrace the technology and grow.


We provided guided transformation in the form of:

quality technical domain knowledge

trained the attendees on a specialist analytical software package.


Having picked up on analytical skill, which also has creative elements, the attendees are now a harder resource to replace, and they stand-out from traditional accountants!

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